TechLiner Regular and Shorty Jetstream Refill

Refill for the TechLiner 5.75" Regular and 5.0" Shorty length pens
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Refill for the Ti2 TechLiner Regular and Shorty Pens (Jetstream)

*Please note this is the TechLiner Jetstream refill only.  This refill is a direct replacement for TechLiner Regular or Shorty length setups that inlculde the SXR refills.  The JetStream refill will have "SXR" printed on the refill body.

*This refill is 0.7mm in tip (ball) size, also known as the SXR-7

*If your TechLiner Regular or Shorty length pen has a Signo refill (labeled as UMR on the refill body) you will need the Jetstream Refill Kit for the correct length pen

*TechLiner Regular Jetstream Refill Kits including magents, front spacer, tail spacer and o-ring can be found [coming soon]

*TechLiner Shorty Jetstream Refill Kits including magents, front spacer, rear spacer and o-ring can be found here

*Information on TechLiner refills can be found in our TechLiner FAQ

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